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Corrective Skin Treatment

Posted on Tuesday, 8 Jun 2010 07:33 AM by Administrator

Corrective Skin Treatment

Medi-Facials are medical strength facial treatments that are a customized combination of biologically active ingredients according to individual needs to cleanse, balance, gently exfoliate, repair, nourish and hydrate your skin targeting the dermal layers of the skin as well.

Medi Facials are designed to deliver key essentials to the skin, keeping in mind individual skin problems. it treats from the outside as well as from within

COSMEDIX Medical Grade Skin Care are

ingredients that are purified to their most natural potent form, resulting in optimum effectiveness. It is free of artificial additives, naturally based and it works!

1. Medical quality (it works!)
2. Free of irritating artificial additives
3. Used by plastic surgeons because it 'feeds' the skin
4. World-wide premier skin care range
5. Naturally based (no parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate)
6. Chirally correct (means more effective and less irritating)

Chemical Peel

Stimulating treatment increase skin's performance and allow fresher skin cells to the surface. With constant use the cell structure evens out while the faster rate the renewal stimulates collagen production. High AHA and BHA content for gentle exfoliation, salicylic acid to regulate oil production, exfoliate pores and prevent blemishes and a adjusted pH level to prevent skin irritation. Positive effect on any skin type.

These rapid exfoliating treatments accelerate the removal of surface skin cells and minimize fine lines and sunspots, revealing softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. Laura's Skin Therapists have been thoroughly trained to perform these medical-grade peels.

Glycolic & Salicylic Acid Peels

Individual Treatment – $148.00
Series of Six Treatments – $626.00

Acne Scar Refining Treatment

Individual Treatment – $148.00
Series of Six Treatments – $626.00
Combination of a peel and activation of the dermis to improve pitted scars & open pores.
Glycolic Acid Peel great for a mild refreshening of the skin. Course of six treatment is suggested

Acne Detoxifying Facial

Individual Treatment – $148.00
Series of Six Treatments – $626.00
Activates the lymphatic system & circulatory system to promote faster healing. An intensive treatment that helps eliminate excess fluid and toxins. Reduces puffiness round the eyes and to calm sensitive skin

Photo-Damage Medi-Facial  – $148.00

Individual Treatment – $148.00
Series of Six Treatments – $626.00
For Pigmentation From Any Cause, e.g. Age Spots, epidermal pigmentation


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