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Posted on Tuesday, 6 Oct 2009 10:32 AM by Administrator

Laura's committment

We practice in serious skincare by people who want results!

The Company

Laura's Top To Toe Salon was founded in 1996.  Laura, the team's trainer, senior therapist brings with her many years of hands on training and experiences and have gained her qualifications from Singapore, UK, Switzerland and Australia. 

Equipped with 21 years of experience in the industry, the team at Laura's is committed to continuing education and ongoing skills development.

Laura's passion is to deliver results with the treatments to help the skin regain its health. Boundaries are being push to the limits and work closely with medical practitioner who dedicate care to speedy recovery for their patients.                                         

Our treatment centre is the perfect venue for consumer to receive professional advise and purchase home care that will deliver results. In house Professional Treatment uses high active ingredients so as to produce targeted results!                         

We give a thorough skin analysis, the basics of skincare information; how skin works; Personalized and prescriptive service that's completely tailored for the individual creating a more prescriptive treatments and products to each individual that really works.           

We do because we love to honour and nurture and we are pre-dominantly women. We are skilled in our own profession,educated, intelligent, highly skilled with great aspirations of success.We do what we do because we love to feel the rewards of transforming someone's skin.  Beauty is really skin deep, we don't cover up a work of art because it's suffering from the effects of time, we restore it!".  


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Value Added Service
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